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1 a group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit
2 the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery) [syn: fabrication] [ant: dismantling]
3 a public facility to meet for open discussion [syn: forum, meeting place]
4 a group of persons gathered together for a common purpose
5 the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly" [syn: assemblage, gathering] [ant: dismantling]

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From assemblee, from assembler ( assemblee, French: assemblée).


  • a UK /əˈsɛmb.lɪi/ /@"


  1. A set of pieces that work together in unison as a mechanism or device.
  2. A congregation of people in one place for a purpose
    school assembly, freedom of assembly
  3. A legislative body; e.g., the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  4. A shortened or jargon form of the term assembly language.
  5. In Microsoft .NET, a building block of an application, similar to a DLL, but containing both executable code and information normally found in a DLL's type library. The type library information in an assembly, called a manifest, describes public functions, data, classes, and version info.


A set of pieces that work together in unison as a mechanism or device
A congregation of people in one place for a purpose
A legislative body
A shortened or jargon form of the term assembly language
In Microsoft .NET, a building block of an application, similar to a DLL
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British Cabinet, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, advisory body, architecture, assemblage, assemblee, assembly line, assembly-line production, assignation, association, at home, ball, bench, bicameral legislature, board, board of aldermen, body, body of advisers, borough council, brain trust, brawl, brethren, building, buildup, cabinet, call-up, camarilla, canvass, casting, caucus, census, chamber, chamber of deputies, churchgoers, circle, city board, city council, class, collection, colligation, collocation, colloquium, combination, commission, committee, common council, company, comparison, composition, compound, conclave, concourse, concurrence, conference, confluence, conflux, congregation, congress, connection, constitution, construction, consultative assembly, conventicle, convention, convergence, conversion, convocation, corralling, council, council fire, council of ministers, council of state, council of war, county council, court, crafting, craftsmanship, creation, crowd, cultivation, dance, data-gathering, date, deliberative assembly, devising, diet, directory, divan, eisteddfod, elaboration, embodiment, erection, extraction, fabrication, fashioning, federal assembly, festivity, fete, flock, fold, forgathering, formation, forming, formulation, forum, framing, gathering, general assembly, get-together, getup, group, growing, handicraft, handiwork, harvesting, horde, host, house of assembly, housewarming, incorporation, ingathering, inventory, junction, junta, juxtaposition, kitchen cabinet, laity, laymen, legislative assembly, legislative body, legislative chamber, legislature, levee, lower chamber, lower house, machining, make, makeup, making, manufacture, manufacturing, meet, meeting, milling, mining, minyan, mixture, mobilization, molding, multitude, muster, national assembly, nonclerics, nonordained persons, organization, panel, parish, parish council, parishioners, parliament, party, people, piecing together, plenum, prefabrication, preparation, privy council, processing, producing, production line, prom, provincial legislature, provincial parliament, putting together, quorum, raising, rally, reception, refining, rendezvous, representative town meeting, rodeo, roundup, seance, seculars, session, set-up, setup, shaping, sheep, shindig, sit-in, sitting, smelting, society, soiree, soviet, staff, state assembly, state legislature, structure, structuring, survey, symposium, syndicate, syneresis, synod, synthesis, throng, town meeting, tribunal, turnout, unicameral legislature, upper chamber, upper house, workmanship
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